About momzwrite

I’m a mother of four and am married to an amazingly ambitious man who will never stop at “good enough”. I find myself constantly encouraged by his no quit attitude. My family is my life and I’m thrilled to be able to be a stay at home, homeschooling mom. My children probably teach me more than I teach them. They have expanded my world in so many ways and I’m constantly amazed by the none stop thrill ride that motherhood is.

I grew up on a ranch and am blessed to get to raise my family in that lifestyle because that’s what ranching is. It’s not a job or a hobby, it is a lifestyle and even though I’m removed from the day-to-day ranching when it comes down to it and help is needed, it is all hands on deck and you can forget about any plans you may have had. But, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I’ve been writing since I was young and hope to publish one day. My focus is Women’s Fiction at this time and one day maybe something western and/or kids books. I love reading and writing and want to share it with the world. One day I’ll get there.

Wish me luck and thanks for stopping by!


18 thoughts on “About momzwrite

  1. Your rant on why I can’t get published is most relevant. I’m just starting out too (at the age of 65!!!). I’m going to self publish. That is, you (as the author) pay a publisher to put your work on Amazon, eBooks, Barnes and Noble etc. I’m willing to risk the loss but as they say, “nothing ventured – nothing gained”. I’m right in there with you. Let’s commiserate from time to time; better yet, let’s celebrate together when we’re published. BTW – nice blog.

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    • Thanks, I appreciate it! I have been in contact with some “Vanity” presses but am hoping to get picked up by an e-publisher instead. If that doesn’t happen soon, I think I will put it up on Amazon or Smashwords. Did you say that you were working with an editor? I will gladly commiserate and look forward to that celebration!

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      • I understand that, but if you are going to pay a publisher, won’t editing be included in the package? I am considering Rosedog Books very seriously, who are you planning to work with?

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      • You have to be careful about publishers. Often the fine print will tell you that they will edit up to a certain number of words. There’s always a premium for the overage. Also, since I don’t have the trust in their editors that I have with my own, I’ll just use their editing service to check for inaccuracies i.e. spelling. grammar issues. This is my first novel and I’ll use this as a stepping stone to attract a literary agent/publisher. As you know it’s almost impossible for an unknown and unproven writer to even get their work reviewed or evaluated never mind accepted for publishing. The book is likely to sell “some” copies so that would make us “published” so to say. Group that with our blog (which I also believe is considered toward publishing credits) it might give us a better chance with a subsequent novel. Anyway, that’s the strategy I’m going to use.
        As for a self publisher, I’m considering Friesen Press out of Victoria British Columbia. But I’m going to look up Rosedog Books too. Let me know your thoughts please.

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      • Yikes, I hadn’t thought of their editors being careless or the extra charge. But why? I don’t understand why they would do anything less then a stellar job when they have a stake in it? I don’t expect you to have all the answers but appreciate the insight you have. Still, that thought leaves me puzzled! I do agree that is of utmost importance that our first novels are published in excellent condition. I often tell my husband that I can accept that not everyone will like my stories or writing style and that’s okay, but I can’t have people unimpressed because of technical issues!

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  2. I didn’t mean to say that Rosedog Books would do less than a good job of an edit but most self publishers do limit the number of words they process in their contract. So it’s worth carefully checking what they actually do cover for their fee. I intend to have my contract reviewed by my lawyer. For the package I’m interested in with Friesen Press, the word limit is 70,000 words. Any more than that is a premium. My novel is 120,000 words so it will amount to approximately $350.00 premium. Also, you will probably be responsible for the artwork for your cover even though they say it’s included. I’m still looking into that. One more note about traditional publishing houses – the stats indicate that they only accept about 1% of submission from new writers. All the more reason to self publish. That will give us some kind of track record (hopefully showing lots of book sales). I’m sure an agent/publisher will be much more interested if your query letter reads “I’ve sold over 50,000 copies of XX”. In the interim, do you promote your work on Facebook and other social media?

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    • I didn’t take it that way, I took it as more of a ‘don’t count your chickens before they hatch’ kind of way. That gives me a lot to think of. I inquired and Rosedog books said it would be about what Friesen said for editing. What I wonder is, if you self-publish and sell a good amount of copies why would you then care to share your profits with the traditional​ publishers when YOU have done all the work and built a name for yourself? Why not just put it on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and such? Just asking for your opinion. So far, I’m on here, booksie and twitter. You?


  3. These publishers are the people who have the distribution network. They hold us captive for our work and as you mention they take a share. Look on the bright side. Traditional publishers usually provide a 10% royalty. At least self publishing gives you more but then again traditional publishers have a huge distribution network and the author is responsible for their own promotions and marketing. I’m on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. However, with the limitation of 140 characters on Twitter how do you promote yourself? Also, what is Booksie? Sounds interesting. So happy I found you to have these conversations with. I also have a blog https:mariannescottwriter.wordpress.com

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    • Likewise! It’s great to have someone to bounce these questions off of! The Twitter thing has me a bit baffled, but I am trying it. Booksie is a site that you can display chapter’s for feedback, critiques and so on, kind of a writer’s helping writers site, although I have yet to receive​ any feedback. I just heard about Wattpad yesterday and it looks pretty neat. Which has the same concepts as Booksie but a more modern design.
      Thank you for pointing out the connections that the traditional publishers have, I had lost sight of that! I talked to a friend who self-published​ today and she said that her biggest regret was not paying for editing, so I am very grateful that I was somewhat prepared for that reality from our past conversations! I will check out your blog tonight!

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  4. I don’t see your name or photo on your blog anywhere. Is there a reason why you chose to stay anonymous? As writer/author you have to be known. How else can you promote yourself or your work. Also, I’m interested in how your novel is coming along. I’m posting updates on FB and my two websites. I’ve read that you can’t start promoting yourself soon enough. Just a suggestion though; hope I haven’t overstepped my boundaries. Would you consider making another page about your novel? As for those feedback sites, I’ve used Silver Pen last year. Some of the feedback was just “lip service” and others were off the wall. What I mean is that I didn’t find them very constructive. That’s the reason I’m working with a trusted editor. like I said, it’s expensive but I’m getting very useful information and encouragement. I don’t think I’d be as far along if I didn’t have her. I always say, “put your money where your mouth is”.
    Did you check out my sites? I’d be very interested in your opinion.

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    • I thought my name was on here, oops! Thank you for pointing that out! I haven’t put up a photo because I want a good one, I could take a selfie, but I really want my page to seem as professional as possible and most of the other photos I have are with other people as I tend to be camera shy!
      Until seeing your blog I hadn’t really thought of promoting my book that way, I should have spent more time reading other writers blogs! I really do like yours, it’s aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate​. I have not quite mastered WordPress​s yet, to be honest! I enjoyed reading your blog, I only got the one page read but will go back and read the rest! Using short stories to showcase your writing style is a great idea! I will look into your other ones as well. I looked up Silver Pen and all I found was an inspirational website for people with sicknesses such as cancer.
      You​ have not overstepped at all! I appreciate your opinions and it’s giving me the push I need to get organized and do something of these things! May I ask what your editor is charging? I have seen the prices vary so much that I wouldn’t know what a good deal is!

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      • I will look into it for sure! Unfortunately, at this point in my life it is about price as I am raising a family and our money is mostly spent, so I will see if this is something I can pursue now or if I have to wait until a later time in my life. On the bright side, at least I know what I need to be aiming towards again!


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