If you think two’s are terrible …

For those who have not experienced Transforming Three’s, I urge you to spend each day loving your pudgy thighed toddler before they merge into a three-year-old. Three is when it hits the fan, or at least it’s been my experience, my mothers, and mother-in-laws that three is the most horrific age. Why? So glad you asked. A developmental specialist would tell you that it’s because their world is expanding, they are finding their own way and will naturally protest when restricted by rules enforced by you or even gravity. What they mean by protest is to scream, throw things, say nasty things, hit people and sometimes, intentionally make themselves sick to spite you. This sweet little baby that gave kisses and was the center of your universe has become something you fear. He’s the reason you’re hiding in the bathroom reading this post. A supernatural evil force has overtaken your child. It’s called independence. That’s why I call them Transforming Three’s because it’s the age where they transform, instantly from a sweetie-pie to a monster. The scariest thing is this can be turned on and off within a seconds notice. Like a light switch.

Now, don’t get me wrong. While my third three-year-old is fighting me on potty training, wearing clothes, eating anything aside from Nutella and well, everything else. He is also hilarious and brilliant. I love watching his world expand. Before a toy horse was simply a horse, now the adventure that unfolds with that little horse in his hand amazes me! The other day, he explained that his cowboy hat which is flat on the top (that’s the style it is) got flattened when a log fell on him. Now, as untrue as all this was, it amazed me that he could put such a far out story together that was somewhat reasonable. If that makes sense. He has the most fascinating mind and it is such a blessing to watch him grow.

Three is horrible. Three is amazing. I have yet to experience the teen years, I’m sure I’ll be equally horrified. But this is my rant on the toddler years. Good luck and God bless to those who have endured and are enduring. Go buy yourself something nice, you deserve it and Happy New Year!


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