Motherhood=DUI from the universe.

Motherhood is something like a DUI from the universe or that’s what I once heard a comedian say. Maybe not motherhood, but pregnancy sure is! It’s sometimes like being drunk (nausea and intense mood swings) without the joy of going to the party. Like a DUI, there is no drinking, no hanging out with friends, no extra nothing. It can feel like you’re living on a work permit, go to work and come home. Some of us don’t even have to leave home to work so … bummer. Much like a DUI, it’s a great time to reflect on your life and choices you’ve made. I think anyone who has experienced labor can honestly say they’ve wondered just how the hell they wound up there. I certainly have. While serving our time, friends fall away because you don’t have anything in common, date nights no longer seems important and shopping malls are just a hassle that you’re not going into unless you have to. Unlike a DUI, motherhood is packed with amazing blessings. My toddler always comes into bed with us and this morning I had rolled away from him so pretty soon I felt his little arms wrap around my head. It’s the most precious feeling in the world when your baby wants to hold you, when they say, “I love you,” or give a kiss without prompting. Their smiles, laughter, and dirty faces make every missed outing and lost friend a nonissue.

Motherhood is a great and terrible responsibility. My father always says, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” Sometimes that makes me glow with pride and other times I wonder if he could possibly put more pressure on me. Of course, he means it as a good thing, that my job is very important and as a reminder that it’s not an easy job or one that should be taken lightly. Motherhood takes everything you’ve got. It’s not a job for sissies and not everyone will make it. Mothers and fathers abandon their children every day because they can’t hack it. We’re the finalist.We’re the victors. We look at sharpie covered walls and don’t flinch because we know that it’s not about us. A sharpie in the hand of a toddler is rarely a reflection of our parenting but one of our child’s growing creativity. Of course, it doesn’t always feel that way, half time it feels like they hate us and want to torture us … or is that just me? They don’t. With my first kid, I thought everything was rebellion and now with my third, I know a fight when I see one and I know when I just need to hug him and let him fall asleep in my arms. There’s a difference and  part of our jobs is to decern which is which. Nobody said it would be easy and those who act like being a mother is nothing need to be throat-punched.

Anyhow, I wanted to say Happy Mother’s day to all of those serving a life sentence with me and hope I made you smile or encouraged you a little today. If us mothers don’t have each other’s backs, who will? We all have the same goal: raise happy, healthy, well-adjusted adults and it’s a very daunting task, but you’re doing a great job!

Happy Mother’s day! Here’s a bouquet in case you -like me- didn’t get one.