Doing it the ‘write’ way… (pun intended)

In an intense effort to avoid whining and continuous blogging about my rejections and constant disappointments, I haven’t blogged at all and have been waiting until I had a victorious outcome to report. Nevertheless, that is yet to be the case so I am throwing this out there. How do you do it the right way? I have read every article and ‘how-to’ guide that I can get my hands on and I follow them to the best of my ability. Start blogging- check. Join Twitter- check. Get your work out there- done. Find a critique partner- done and done. And yet, here I am feeling helpless, hopeless and directionless. I really don’t know where to go. I started with the hope to publish on Amazon and then upon the suggestion of a published Author (a friend of a friend) I pursued e-publishers, well, a couple dozen rejections later and their multiple suggestions and reviews, I have been through my work again and now just don’t have a plan.

I have my work out there for feedback and am not getting any back. Does this mean that it’s so bad no one is reading past the first sentence, that it’s so mediocre that no one cares to reply or… what? I don’t know how to proceed. I am a writer, that I know, published or not, read or not, I will write because that is what I do. I have a story in my mind almost constantly and I want to share it with others because not only am I a writer but I am a reader and I want great stories to read. As a reader and a writer, I want to contribute to the literary world, a world I love so much. I want to write and will regardless, but I don’t want to waste my time trying to share it if it’s not worth it because I’d be almost as happy leaving it on as a file that no one knows about. Please, someone, take this desperate plea for help and give me something. Even a ‘write on’ (ha,ha) would change my world at this point.

If you’d please take a moment and read at least the first chapter and tell me what you think, I’d be forever grateful. Here’s a link:


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