Home sweet home!

A recent journey to the ocean to visit family and enjoy some much needed warm weather really got me thinking -in between trips to landmarks, attractions and the beach- about how important it is to take time to spend with your family. The old and the young! My maternal grandparents live across the country from us so, I didn’t get a chance to get to know them very well while I was growing up. In fact, I considered traveling cross country in a packed car to be a form of torture but now, as I grow up and am mature enough to realize that time with them is short and I should be taking advantage of it! So, I did! I have learned more about my grandfather in one week than I did in the last few decades!

Aside from learning about memories from my grandfather’s past, I took the time with my mother and my three kids to make new ones and I’ve got to say, although it wasn’t always pleasant (some of my children are rather impossible unless properly fed and watered) we had a great time and got to do things that I hope my children will remember their entire lives! I remember touring Gillette’s Castle with my grandparents as a small child and treasure that memory and am sure that my kids will as well!

Upon returning to my landlocked homestead, we celebrated a great Uncle’s 80th birthday and a family reunion where guitars, violins and pianos were put to great use as they all congregated and enjoyed playing music together like they used to when they were the real homesteaders. I looked at what once would have annoyed me, singing, dancing and spending a day with very extended family, as a blessing for these people, it was so cool to watch a couple that has been married for decades waltzing and totally rocking out!

Anyhow, all of this and the photo are all to remind us to treasure the little moments in life. Gorgeous sunsets should be treasured and old couples and babies should be adored, always!


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