Spring is in the air!

It’s the beginning of March and it’s 50 degrees in Montana. Wow! It’s not normal for us to have fabulous weather and I can’t quite trust it, I think all locals feel the same and still carry their heavy clothes and layer to the extreme because we know that weather around here is fickle and one second you’re running around in a dress and flipflops and the next you’re snowed in for a week!

My favorite thing about spring is seeing the first buds on the trees, the small blades of grass rising from the once dormant ground and all the babies! The cows, sheep, horses, everything is having babies in full swing and it is so refreshing to see life after a winter of dark, empty nothingness. The other things I love are that my home schooled children hurry to finish their work and head outside to play and aside from me checking on them, I wouldn’t see them again until dinner time. They love it! I love it! Everything is new again; last years bike is as good as new, the trampoline, swing set and well, just driving their matchbox cars in the dirt is new and they love it!

I often complain about the cold and talk about how much I would rather live somewhere that is warm year-around but I love the seasons, I love a white Christmas and a hot Independance day and all the the things in between! Again, I don’t love the cold at all but when spring rolls around again and it seems like the world is brand new… all over again, I bask in the beauty of all it and wouldn’t change it if I could.

What is your favorite season and why? What do you look forward to as the seasons change?


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