Acceptance or Rejection?

As a brand new writer I have learned a lot -not enough but a lot- and after sending my manuscript to only two publishers I was strangely confident that I would be accepted by one of them. I was less than thrilled with the expected twelve week wait to find out but after only three weeks, I got my very first rejection letter. Serious bummer. I’m still not sure how to feel about it but I took the hint that this may turn out to be harder than I expected so I have been researching and sending out my manuscript to whomever seems best fit to handle my work.

The weirdest thing about a rejection letter is that (at least this one) it held no hints as to what was wrong. I don’t know if they didn’t like my writing style,if it was too long, if the story was bad or if it just didn’t fit into what they were looking for. Talk about giving you a major complex! At the same time that I want to stay true to my work and leave it the way I think it should be, this rejection makes me want to rip the whole thing a part and change it all and try again.

I have no idea how many times published authors have been rejected before they’ve been accepted but I would really like to know. How many times were you rejected? How long do you keep trying? I am not so faint of heart that I am prepared to throw in the towel but I really am curious to see if anyone will respond and just how long they waited to get that acceptance letter! Keep up the good work and don’t lose hope! I won’t!


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