Burger and fries

Every couple of weeks, I venture to the nearest city with a Walmart and Costco with my mom and we shop for hours to get all of our groceries and any other household supplies. But, we make it fun and have lunch together. Currently, we are on the hunt for the best burger and fries. We’ve had the best burger but the little cafe changed it’s menu and is no longer serving burgers. So we are trying out any burger joint we can find. Last time, we got great fries and a not great burger. This time we got a decent burger and bad fries, oh and the drinks were nothing to write home about.

Although this isn’t a big deal at all and no one is losing any sleep over it, it is supposed to be the American meal, burger, fries and a shake, right? How hard is it to find a good one? Of course, it isn’t just burgers that this applies to. It’s everything, isn’t it? How far will one go to find the perfect burger or soulmate, job, car… the list is endless! The burger is nothing really but we are wondering if we will ever have an amazing burger when we have already had the best?

Can one remarry when you’ve had the best and lost them? Can you ever replace the car that you got in perfect condition for the perfect price? Why does it seem that all these things are once in a lifetime deals? I don’t really believe that they are, I just think we get to a place where we want what we want when we want it and don’t want to go through the pain of test driving every car and not taking one home or eating every sad excuse for a burger in town without finding the right one. It’s hard! It really is, it’s hard to keep trying for a job or a dream while being shutdown or not quite finding you knack.

I do believe that hope is still there, the perfect burger is out there, Mr. or Mrs. Right is out there and so is your talent or gift. I truly believe that the secret to any success is never giving up. My hubby never acknowledges defeat, to such a point that I often wonder if he realizes that whatever he did didn’t work. He just keeps going, regardless of how much time, energy or money is lost, he never stops moving for a second and he succeeds! So, I guess I am encouraging whoever is reading this not to lose hope and just keep moving! Put one foot in front of the another and don’t look back!


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