On the ledge of greatness…

I completed my manuscript in December of 2014 and I foolishly thought that the work was over… yeah, right! I was all prepared to proofread my document and with the help of a few family members we were going to have it ready to self-publish through Amazon. Ha, ha, ha! It’s been over a month and we’ve all read through the document a dozen times to find small issues and that our editing skills are not quite up to snuff. Thus leading me to look for alternative options such as e-publishing as I already know from receiving a quote years ago that I cannot afford traditional publishing at this juncture.

So here is my dilemma: I have a women’s fiction novel in need of some editing. I am finding that publishers don’t want to take on unpolished work which confuses me because if I had the ability to edit it professionally myself or pay someone to do it, why would I need them? Why wouldn’t I opt for a program like Amazon’s direct publishing which includes somewhat limited marketing but way better royalties? And it’s free! Basically, I have no idea how to navigate the publishing world! Here is what I do know though; I love to write and I would love to be published so others may enjoy my stories as much as I do.

I know that people have made the leap and obviously have survived the publishing process so… how? And where do I go from here? Is there someone out there willing to take a chance on me and help me through this daunting process? I’m on the ledge and ready to make that leap but need some guidance!


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